Websites Like Listverse 2022 June

Best Websites Like Listverse 2022 June

Best Websites Like Listverse 2022 June

What is Listverse?

Jamie frater founded Listverse in the year 2007. He spends his time working on the website, carrying out research for new articles and collecting oddities. If you are crazy about learning new things you can come in and join Listverse tribe of enthusiastic and friendly folk.

What are the best websites to make a list?

Listverse is possibly the foremost authority when it comes to lists online, and they boast an audience of over 15 million readers a month. They are looking for unique lists of 10 items, usually at least 1,500 words, and they pay $100 upon acceptance of your list.

What are some good sites similar to cracked? It's very similar to Cracked, but it contains less blog-elements than Cracked, focusing solely on a bunch of cool facts about everything and anything. Browsing by category makes things a lot easier, and tags help there, too.

How do I use discuvver to find interesting websites?

Discuvver is incredibly easy to use. The concept is simple: visit the site and click the button that says Take Me to a Useful Website. Discuvver will jump you to another website that has some kind of useful feature. This is like StumbleUpon at its base because it helps you find other sites you would find interesting.

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