The Fortnite short film festival returns this week

The fourth edition of fortnite‘Short Nite’s “Short Night” film festival will kick off later this week. Epic Games announced that the event, which features a variety of animated short films screened in-game, will take place on May 12. A total of 10 movies will be featured, three of which are world premieres, and Epic will also sell a popcorn-eating emoticon for an authentic virtual viewing experience.

The original incarnation of Short Nite took place on FortniteThe party royale island, though, has gotten more and more elaborate, particularly with last year’s Halloween-themed edition. This year, there will be nine different custom virtual theaters, created in the game’s Creative mode, which players can move between via the discover page. You’ll also be able to party up with up to seven friends, and the festival will support picture-in-picture, so you can also watch while playing Battle Royale or other game modes.

Previous editions of the festival have featured a surprisingly diverse range of short films, so it’s a good chance to catch up on some great animation you might not otherwise see. Short Nite runs from 2 pm ET on May 12-16.

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