Here are all nine photos of a ‘Pixel Watch,’ and one crazy story

Our first look at what appears to be the Google Pixel Watch comes under strange circumstances: Someone supposedly found its prototype lying around a restaurant and sent photos of it to android hub under condition of anonymity. The images of the alleged device match what we have seen previously. filtered out renders, right down to the circular watch face, rotating crown, and nearly bezel-less design.

As shown in the photos, a physical crown sits between two buttons on the side of the watch. If it’s anything like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the two buttons can be used to turn the watch on or off, return to the home screen, or even as a shortcut to access recently used apps. Meanwhile, the small hole next to the crown could be a microphone or perhaps an altimeter sensor used to track stair climbing. What android hub Notes, the four pins on the side of the watch may be used for testing purposes and may not appear in the final model.

The watch appears to have a physical crown between two buttons.
Image: android hub

The bottom of the watch features a black frame with what looks like an oval-shaped health tracking sensor in the center. android hubThe source also says that the bottom of the watch has a smooth feel, noting that it “looks metallic but feels like it’s covered in glass,” similar to the glass back of the Apple Watch.

What appears to be a sensor is located at the bottom of the watch.
Image: android hub

Unfortunately, android hub The source was unable to fully boot up the watch to see what the UI would look like. When they tried to turn it on, a white Google logo appeared and nothing happened after that. There was also no charger left with the watch, but as android hub notes, the watch can be charged inside its case, just like the Apple Watch and Google-owned Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches. While there are no images of the strap attached to the watch, it does appear to come with a proper method for attaching the straps, while the straps themselves resemble the ones that come with Fitbit’s line of smartwatches.

What is almost more interesting than the watch itself is the story behind it. It’s similar to the way that The iPhone 4 was leaked back in 2010 — someone found a prototype iPhone in a restaurant, which was later bought and shot down by gizmodo (whose photos mysteriously disappeared from gizmodothe website of, by the way). Result a software engineer left the prototype there, so it is clear that such a situation has occurred and may occur.

But what’s strange about this missing-and-found case is that it doesn’t appear that Google is looking for the device (unlike Apple, which made a call to retrieve its prototype iPhone at the time). Of course, there’s always the chance that this could all be an elaborate ruse by Google to get more publicity for its next watch, as this is all very reminiscent of the time a Pixel 3 XL was found in the back of a Lyft. (Did you? Do you think we’d forget about it by now, Google?).

There are so many questions left unanswered here, and while the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the watch will never be cleared up, at least the features of the actual watch will. So far, we know Google will call the device the Pixel Watch (big surprise), and we’ll likely find out even more details at Google I/O next month.

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