HBO Leaks Westworld S4 Trailer And June 26 Release Date

HBO’s puzzle-filled robot show that always included extra sides of hedonism and murder is close to making a return, as fans have seemingly unearthed a trailer for the fourth season of Western world before their scheduled debut. May Look it here on HBO’s YouTube channel (via Reddit), to see that many of our android friends, enemies, and friends who didn’t know they were androids will still have roles to play.

I would go deeper into the potential plotlines revealed in the flashes and cutscenes, but even after sticking around for seasons one and two, I don’t really recall seeing the third season of this show. Released roughly two months before the debut of HBO Max and squarely in the middle of the first coronavirus pandemic lockdowns here in the US on March 15, 2020, the third season didn’t have the impact of the first two.

Whether this is another one of the show’s augmented reality marketing games or just a standard leak (the unlisted video is titled “Looks Like Nothing To Me”), it concludes by promising a June 26 season four release date. . , 2022. Early warning is appreciated, because now I have time to try to watch the third season again.

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