Cryptopia Site 2022May

30 Best websites about Cryptopia Site 2022May

What is cryptocryptopia?

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange in its purist form. In other words, unlike brokers such as Coinbase or Kraken, you cannot trade crypto with fiat currency pairs. As such, the platform is used to trade on a crypto-to-crypto basis.

How can I support Cryptopia?

You are supporting independent content creators and securing the livelihood of almost a hundred freelancers (see full credit list below). You can support us by telling your friends and colleagues about our film on social media and by tagging us #CryptopiaFilm.

What happened to Cryptopia?

The Cryptopia platform began operations in 2014. It had risen the ladders of both value and popularity. Becoming one of the most famous New Zealand crypto exchanges. You can still see posts to this day of many past users who praised them. Right before the collapse, see this Reddit post: “Cryptopia is a Scam”

What is Cryptopia scam?

The Cryptopia scam held close to sixteen million dollars’ worth of Cryptocurrencies. Victims were worldwide being held ransom on Cryptopia. The management of Cryptopia is currently under investigation. They have agreed to cooperate with the authorities to sort out this scam.

30 sites about Cryptopia Site 2022May

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