Alex Saunders issues a public apology and claims to be settling crypto dealings

Months after a firestorm of controversies, Nuggets News founder and crypto influencer Alex Saunders has issued a public apology for last year’s controversies and the way he handled things.

In 2021, Saunders faced a series of accusations that he had failed to repay loans and investment funds. Those affected claimed that Saunders owed them Bitcoin (BTC). This forced Australian media entities to conduct investigations and conclude that the influencer owes up to $7 million.

The Nuggets News CEO faced a $350,000 lawsuit brought by Ziv Himmelfarb, claiming damages for unpaid loans. Himmelfarb said that he invested 4 BTC, 30 Ether (ETH), and $50,000 in stablecoins. Since Saunders did not respond, a default judgment was entered, requiring Saunders to pay the investor’s losses.

Alex Saunders on his channel. Source: Nuggets YouTube News

Apart from this, the influencer was also criticized for the failed launch of a project based on Decentraland. The cryptocurrency influencer had raised funds for a virtual headquarters on the Decentraland platform. However, it was later revealed that Saunders did not pay the studio that was supposed to build the virtual headquarters.

After a long pause, the founder of Nuggets News issued a public statement about Twitter claiming that he has settled most of his debts and is in the process of paying off the others. The influencer admitted that he “wasn’t thinking clearly and mishandled things.” He said:

“Everyone I had any kind of dealings with within the crypto space has now been contacted and refunded or in the process of being refunded.”

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Despite the apology, not everyone believes Saunders’ recent announcement. In one of the responses, Twitter user Jxxa said that he believes this is a “dodge” and that Saunders knew what he was doing to his “trusted supporters.”