7 Hacks to Earn Free Bitcoins

When newbies try to learn the field of blockchain, they face difficulties – they are either offered to invest or go in more difficult ways, for example, illegal ones. In order not to get into trouble and learn how to mine bitcoins with caution, it is important to learn about current methods. There are free crypto mining simulator sites that suggest that user can earn crypto money without investing personal capital.

What are the TOP 7 methods of earning cryptocurrency should be emphasized?

To discover a new world – a world of opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency, you should start with legal methods of obtaining. So, free btc mining can take place using the following relevant and fairly simple, interesting and popular methods:

  1. Bitcoin faucets. It means that the user will be able to profit from sites that offer financial dividends in the form of Satoshi. Satoshi are hundredths of a millionth of a bitcoin. Faucets can be obtained for the fact that the user completes specific tasks, watches ad blocks, performs captchas. Among the popular bitcoin faucets are the following:
  • Bitcoin aliens. Here miners get Satoshi for literally “killing aliens”.
  • Bonus bitcoin. Thanks to the service, the user can claim to receive free bitcoins every 15 minutes of his time. As soon as there are 10 thousand Satoshi on the account, they can be withdrawn to the wallet.
  • Cointiply. It assumes that the user must complete a series of simple tasks, such as watching videos, playing special browser games, installing applications, and so on.
  1. Cashback services. This method is truly interesting in that you can make regular purchases and get bitcoins back in the form of cashback. There are few of the most popular reward platforms, but they still function and perform quite well in today’s market:
  • Lolli. It involves receiving cashback funds directly in the Bitcoin ecosystem. All you need is to shop on the world wide web, buying something from famous brands (500+).
  • Pei. The interface is very practical, so you can quickly navigate. You can receive automatic cash discounts, which will then be counted as cashback using your smartphone. All you need is to buy online or even offline.
  • SatApp. To receive cashback funds, you need to make bitcoin transactions. The more transactional processes, the more profit you can make on this.
  1. Bitcoin games. Such mining suggests that gamers can use their time wisely and enjoy the gameplay. Cryptocurrency mining is carried out in different ways – by completing tasks, after which you can get precious tokens in the form of satoshi or roller tokens. Among the games worth playing:
  • Bitcoin Alien Run. The game is not only cool in terms of interface, but also allows people to use their familiar mobile phones. Game is supported on smartphones and allows to perform unique missions for the main character – Daniel D’Alien.
  • Rollercoin. A game that is free btc mining in the literal and figurative sense. For terms and conditions,check the website, and to understand the meaning, it is important to consider several points. 

Firstly, rollertokens are supported in the game. Secondly, the essence of the game is the creation of a character and the passage of certain tasks. Thirdly, to get the first Satoshi, you will have to go through a rather difficult path.

  • Altcoin Fantasy. This game will teach you how to carry out the correct transactions in the field of cryptocurrency trading. The main thing is not to stop participating in competitions, try to play every day for at least a few hours.
  1. Partnership programs. For many, such applications are incomprehensible, but miners have already learned how to use them competently. Through the processes of promoting products or providing services through the World Wide Web, any user can turn services into money.. Products can be promoted through:
  • Exchanges. Basically, people get a special invitation and later start making transactions. The more transactions, the more income in the form of rewards.
  • Equipment. Those who supply hardware wallets skillfully use affiliate programs. Such people make a profit thanks to the commission for the devices used by others. Although all processes are carried out remotely through links or codes, any miner (Trezor, Ledger, and so on) can join.
  1. Cloud. This way of earning cryptocurrency from scratch is interesting in that users do not need to use their own equipment. It is enough to engage in directing people to online services that allow you to mine cryptocoins.
  • Coinbase Earn. By constantly watching various educational videos, users can receive free crypto coins for their views. It is easy to understand the application, because the interface is simple and convenient.
  1. Tips. Any Internet user can receive recommendations from other people. If the provided content is really relevant, valuable and mega useful, then people can earn free cryptocurrency from “tip bots”.
  • Bitfortip is an up-to-date tip bot where they post efficient bitcoin answers to bitcoin questions. In fact, the question-answer exchange allows you to get cryptocoins.
  1. Forks. With the help of forks, you can cash out the cryptocoins you received for free. Process allows to claim new crypto-coins or change them for bitcoin, known and loved by everyone and all over the world. You can earn on the following bitcoin forks:
  • FindMyCoins and Forkdrop. These are platforms-tools that allow you to track all the forks that have appeared.
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